A short post.

This will be a short post because I have three words to say:Recruit New Soliders!

Now I need to say that I will soon be talking to diffrent armys to be Allies.

This is why I did the post.Im going to do something like Codename:A.N.D.I.

Please vote in the poll! By The Way A.N.D.I. is ACP,Nachos,Dark Warriors,Ice Warriors for short.

Divisions are Sorted!

Division Alpha:Leader:Levandoski

Soliders:Ktmkid01,Mohmd124,Boook1(although he is Advisor)

Division Bravo:N/A

Division Delta:N/A

We need more people in our army.

We Will Be in SMAC(Small Medium Army Cenetral)!


Ally Poll

Comment Below on what YOU picked!


Today Troops,I  was thinking to make Divisions for our army!

So I orginazed 3 Divisions.They are called Division Alpha,Division Bravo and Division Delta.

Starting,I will explain the rules.

Division Alpha are for People who are above the owner line.

Division Bravo Are for people over the mod line.

Division Delta is from people from Corporal to Field General.

So These are the Divisions!

Im going to post about the Divisions in my next post!BTW they are going to be sorted.

Levandoski~VCP Supreme Commander


New Supreme Commander!

Hello Troops,Today I officialy became your new Supreme Commander!

Its a short post today.So I think your wondering what happened to Boook1?The answer is he is now our Head General!

The next Euro AND American event will be posted tomorrow.

~Levandoski VCP Supreme Commander!

Owner and General ranks chat meeting(important)

Date:19th Febuary

Place:VCP Chat

Times:3:30 PM EST

2:30 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST

8:3o PM UK

Note:This meeting is about the next battles and the rank of VCP in top ten in CPSA.


Levandoski~VCP Head General We Will Rise!!!

Chat problems

Hello VCP,today I was on the chat about three times and nobody was on.

Usually,when an army has a chat lots of people are on this chat.

So I wanted to make this post not only about the chat but also that we need more soliders.

Ok,First the chat,We Need more expirience on it.

And now the soliders,now this is a tip to get more soliders.

Tip:Go to a server on Club Penguin that has 5 bars.Now Go to a place like the Town.Put Your Uniform on and go to the bottom of the room.Finnaly type in something like ”JOIN VCP” or VCP IS VIKINGS OF CLUB PENGUIN”.Try this for about 15 mins and then if they are about 3 people go to another busy room.and if there is more than 5 type in ”Go to vikingofclubpenguin wordpress com in google”.

That was my tip and I hope this will work.If you are on our site please join!

We Will Rise!!!!!!!!! Levandoski~VCP Head General.

Invasion of Mittens&Marshmellow

Invasion of Mittens:

Date:19th Febuary


Times:2:00 PM EST

1:00 PM CST

12:00 PM MST

11:00 AM PST

7:00 PM UK

6:00 AM AUS

This Time I can Come

Comment if you can come!

We Will Rise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Levandoski~VCP Head General~

Invasion of Abominable

Date:Friday,17th Febuary


Times:7:30 PM EST

6:30 PM CST

5:30 PM MST

4:30 PM PST

12:30 AM UK

10:30 AM AUS

Note:I cannot make it to this battle because it is too late for my time zone

Levandoski Joined VOCP!

Hello Troops,Today I joined this great army and I just wanted to say that me and Boook1 will try to make this army in the top ten!

Im the army’s 2ic now and I will put up the latest battle tomorrow.

We Will Rise!!!!!!~Levandoski~ VOCP Head General